Elizabeth Jane Bradbury


Spinal cord injury; glial scarring; extracellular matrix modification; regeneration, plasticity and repair;
neuroprotection; neurotrophic factors; behavioural, anatomical and physiological function in clinically
relevant SCI models.

PhD training: Institute of Psychiatry, London
Post-Doctoral training: in the labs of Steve McMahon and John Priestley at St Thomas’ Hospital,
Current Position: MRC Fellow and Group Leader of Spinal Injury Research Lab at King’s College

2011: Just been awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Medical Research Council to fund a 5 year
program of translational research in acute and chronic spinal cord injuries.
2008: Awarded the Schellenberg Prize for Research 2008; awarded by the International Foundation
for Research in Paraplegia for advances to the field of spinal cord injury for my work on the role of
proteoglycans as inhibitors of nerve fibre regeneration and for the potential for my work to impact
2008: Recipient of the Robson Award; awarded by the International Spinal Research Trust.