François Feron

Professor François Féron is an internationally recognised expert on the olfactory neurogenesis. He is currently the leader of the team « Olfactory plasticity and brain repair » at Jean Roche Institute, in Marseille. His continuing interest is in olfactory neurogenesis, the production of new nerve cells in the nose, using this as a window on the nervous system in humans. This has led to new insights into the nervous system development in schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and autism. Human nasal olfactory stem cells have also been successfully used in rodent models of amnesia. Professor Féron was co‐PI of the first Phase I/IIa clinical trial of autologous transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells in human paraplegia. He is currently Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Marseille and is in charge of supervising clinical trials dedicated to repair the nervous system at the Cell Therapy Centre of La Conception Hospital, in Marseille. He is also Research Consultant at Griffith University and University of Queensland, in Brisbane (Australia).